Rainforest Alliance

Our major commitment is to protect ecosystems, workers and the community, likewise, to maintain good practices in the environmental and social management of farms. We protect natural resources such as our flora, fauna, soil and water. In the way to respect our certificated products our organic waste from manufacturing is incorporated as organic in our crops. Other waste products are properly selected and recycled according by laws in Ecuador.



Morena Mia bananas are planted and delivered from our Global G.A.P. accredited farms.
Globalg.a.p. is the world’s most recognized farm certification in order to validate with the goal to create a universal standard for Good Agricultural Practices.  Global G.A.P. ensures food is produced safely and sustainably, not just for the welfare of workers, but for animals and the environment.
Global G.A.P. has strict rules which we must follow in order to maintain our certification.  Each production unit or farm is regularly assessed by independent auditors.  When successfully completed, they are then awarded certification demonstrating that they are both compliant and transparent.