We are an Ecuadorian Fruits Grower and Exporter Company formed by four brothers and we are the third generation of farmers that since 1920, our family has been running agricultural business based in Lampa - Los Rios - Ecuador. Geographically our land is the most suitable for tropical fruits, characterized in flavors, size and quality, remains unrivaled both locally and internationally. We ensure that our land is fertile and rich in nutrients, Los Rios gets more sunlight per day, most rainfall water in the rainy season; in summer, our river networks that are the largest in the country, nourishing our crops. Having these important natural factors for the unsurpassed quality of our fruits, we maintain a worldwide recognition as the most productive agricultural region of the country.

     Our main products were corn, rice, soy, vegetables and tropical fruits like plantain, cocoa, mango, banana, and so on. However, those traditional crops were consumed by locally people and were not our grandparents’ purpose to sell them abroad. But, nowadays because of integration to globalization and demander countries of our fresh fruits, we have created our brand Morena Mia  to supply  at the international market our Ecuadorian bananas and pineapples. Due to economics, technology, social and cultural innovation, we ensure our products with excellent quality   because of we care about growing, harvesting, packing and exportation through our integrated supply chain. Providing to our overseas clients flexibility of purchases with different characteristic and packing under our own brand or according to a mutual agreement, we can trade them at White Label.

       Why did we choose Morena Mia as our Branding?  Pasillo (Little Step) is an Ecuadorian genre of music extremely popular in coastal countryside areas. The main musical instruments used are guitar, mandolin and other string artifacts. It was invented in the 19th century very closely to Ecuadorian War of Independence. Pasillos are known for slow and melancholic sounds, with nostalgic texts referring to love and brokenhearted feelings; likewise, there are Pasillos songs expressing the beauty of Ecuadorian Lady. This is our song Morena Mia, a traditional Pasillo song for expressing how deep in love is a countryside man for a Guayaquilean woman. We name to a lady as Morena Mia in a very affective, lovely and kindly way to admire her brunette beauty.  Nowadays, Ecuadorian Pasillo is a national icon, and younger generations are adding new style.

      Our intention is relate two Ecuadorian traditional icons from the countryside, our Bananas and our Pasillo. Every day, we observe our orchard offing from our window and hearing our melodic song in the background, getting impregnated in our memory. In this way, we encourage everyday to produce and export healthy, solidary and ethical fruits to you.